I'm Ginette White and after 19 years as a trainer-facilitator and anonymous inspector of luxury hotels around the world, following a background in Human Resources and Training, I gave it up so that I could provide support for my brother Alexander after he had a critical epileptic seizure.

I had always dreamed of training as a reflexologist and it was my chance to do it, graduating with merit as a Clinical Reflexologist and setting up my treatment business in 2019, adding Clinical Aromatherapy to my services in 2020. 

Changing to a career where I could help people change their lives, inspired me to want to do more. Being able to maintain my business alongside working with Peter as part of the Work Well Team helps me to do that. 

I am Peter Campbell and over 30 years ago I made London my Home, and most of that time has been living in our city's lively east end. 

My London career has been in Human Resources with various organisations including my last one, as Human Resources Business Partner with 2500 team members who I looked after.

In December 2019 after 12 years with a major clothing retailer I decided that I wanted to do something more local, and more meaningful career wise and that's when I reconnected with Ginette.

I now carry on my passion for providing meaningull support as a Human Resources professional, working as a private Consultant and find this fits in well with our offering here at the Work Well Team.




We are driven by our values. We do not do what we do because we have to, we do it because we want to - and we hope you will be a part of our ethical journey. 


Be Inclusive

We believe in inclusivity and that includes sourcing venues for our courses and workshops that are open to all. We are actively anti-discrimination of all types. 

Be Financially Fair

We do want to make money - but just need enough to see us secure when we age. We are financially fair to you, our suppliers, our partners and ourselves. 

Be Ecologically Sustainable

The planet is in pain. We aim to work plastic and chemical free to help ease the pain.


Be Fun & Professional

There has to be fun in what we do, as well as professionalism. We don't believe they are mutually exclusive. 

Be Kind

Kindness is key to what we do. 

Be Charitable

Being able to give back to the community is our Ikigai. It makes our hearts sing to be able to help people and we work closely with local charity providers to do this.  

Show Integrity

Our deeds will match our words. 

Be People-Centric

We're in it for connecting - meeting new people and helping them grow is important. 

Promote Local

We are proud members of the Leyton community and will help promote local businesses and ventures. 

Be Vulnerable

Learning and growing comes from listening and adapting, which we can only do if we are open. We see being open, or vulnerable, as a positive action.